Kimmy on relationships

Founder of Love-Explorer Kimmy talks about online dating, marriage, today's relationships and her new podcast that's coming out soon!!!!

State of Black America

That Knowledgeable Q Dog is back, dropping knowledge and facts!!!!!!!

Mr. Blunt Returns

Historian Mr. Blunt returns with some groundbreaking facts about Lone Ranger, Religion & Black Soldiers in World War II.

Dat White Gurl raises awareness on African American struggles in the United States on her podcast show.

Bringing positive post on a negative social media forum. Discuss her up and coming poetry and children coloring book.

Very delightful conversation with Ms. Henderson on her fictional podcast "Chronicles of an Asshole"  Her hip hop dancing in her earlier years and Wellness instructor!!!!!

Entertaining conversation with Historian Carl Blunt his Fraternity Omega Psi Phi/ NCAA HBCU payment for athletics and Social Security.


Experience Geoffrey commitment  on supporting  the youth of Phoenix AZ by being a mentor through the Big Brother & Big Sister non profit organization.

Plus, being on the board of two Non profit organizations that show the youths of Phoenix communication skills through hip hop.  Casual conversation on Joe Biden presidential run and Stacey Abrams being his running mate.

Become a fly on the wall as we discuss making a different is youths lives.